Exclusive Partnership of Satoshifx & Ultron in India & Korea

First Ever layer-1 blockchain with its own native app. Partnership with biggest NFT and Metaverse Company on planet ..

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Ultron Foundation - FACTS !!

  • Ultron Foundation is the first and only Layer-1 blockchain on the planet with its own native decentralised applications
  • Its not an idea, already over 18+ months of blockchain development, Ultron main-net was launched on 01.06.2022
  • Team of 30+ devs, over 9+ years of experience in leading blockchain development (Layer-1 as well)
  • Ultron Foundation partner up with the biggest development company for NFT and METAVERSE - (Devla GmbH) they did part of development for SandBox, Decentraland, OpenSea etc.
  • Biggest NFT drop with celebrities and Ivana tattoo Artist (Louis Vuitton partner) - (Wiz Khalifa, Frank Kern, Mia Khalifa, Jason Derulo, Chris Brown etc - see the pictures below)
  • Football manager METAVERSE already in development process
  • Full - EcoSystem Layer-1 with over 20 native dApps and 100+ dApps from 3rd party developers in next 24 months
  • Leading dev company for blockchain that will become top 5 largest by TVL (total value locked) Layer-1 chain by DeFi Lamma
  • Audited by Solidity Finance (US), CERTIK and Hacken coming soon.
  • NinjaPromo takes care of the marketing (they did it also for PolkaDot, Fantom, OkEx exchange etc)
  • Product - Staking Hub NFT gives 5 years passive staking rewards 0.2% on daily basis in ULX coins (yearly halving of rewards)
  • Cross chain bridges to 5 biggest blockchains: Ethereum, Fantom, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon
  • BrightNode (CH) designed WhitePaper and Tokenomics (dev. also for IBM HyperLedger, Algorand, UniSwap, OkEx etc.)
  • Huge part of profits in native dApps are directly used to buy back ULX from exchange and decrease the supply
  • Huge development incentive program to attract developers to come and build their applications on Ultron
  • EVM compatibility - all applications from BSC, Avalance, Fantom, Polygon and Ethereum can be directly deployed on Ultron as well with almost zero development effort
  • The biggest crypto lottery game coming on top of Ultron - 1MIO USDT guaranteed as a jackpot EVERY DAY

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