Automate Your Trading Strategies Say goodbye to point-and-click trading. Instead, automate your strategies simply, quickly, and easily – without coding knowledge.

Trade Automation Made Beautifully Simple

TradeWorks is one of the easiest ways for you to quit traditional point-and-click trading. Designed for experienced traders as well as newcomers to forex trading, its simple-to-use interface allows you to automate your trading strategies in minutes.

Key Features :

Data-driven Trading
Round the Clock Trading
Optimize Risk Management
Design Your Trading Strategy
Easy Access
Backtest and Automate

Trade Automation Mode

NO CODING, NO FUSS & ABSOLUTELY NO DOWNTIME!! Elevate your trading experience to create your bespoken trading style. The TradeWorks historical engine helps you backtest your favorite strategies to see how they would perform against historical market data. Say goodbye to click trading and set your strategies free with automation.

Professional Tools

Learn more about SatoshiFx’s professional trading tools and institutional accounts.

Discover Pro Tools
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