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What Is Index ?

An index groups multiple companies’ share prices together. An index is usually made up of companies that are listed together on the same exchange. They are often mentioned in the news media to measure how a certain market or exchange is performing. Investors trade indices for the same reasons they trade shares, hoping to profit from their growth but with the additional advantage of the diversity they add to a portfolio. When you trade an index you are trading multiple companies across multiple industries.

For Example :

There are 30 companies that make up the German DAX index. Including, at the time of writing, the carmaker Volkswagen, the sporting goods company Adidas, the airline Deutsche Lufthansa, and the pharmaceutical company Bayer, and the insurance and financial company Allianz. The companies in DAX are the 30 most valuable companies listed on the German Deutsche Boerse stock exchange. Trading the DAX gives an investor more diversity than investing in a single company, e.g. Adidas, which specializes exclusively in manufacturing sporting goods.

Why Trade Index CFDs With SatoshiFx?

We have been ranked #20 out of 6 million financial service companies by Inc 500 Magazine, a ranking of not only gold companies or IRA providers, but the whole US financial services industry.

Buying index shares usually involves putting in thousands of dollars for a single share. For example, at the time of writing, a share of FTSE 100 index sits around $7000. This makes the investment expensive as well as long term. In comparison, trading indices would require considerably less money. To trade any major index on SatoshiFX, you can start from lots as small as 0.10. Furthermore, when using leverage, you can trade in higher than the amount of money in your account. With trading on our platform, you would essentially receive all the similar benefits of an index market along with the added advantage of making profits from falling markets. We have extensive trading materials available on our platform to help you build your skills in indices.


Market Overview

We Can Loosely Analyze A Stock In This Ways

Pairs Coin Last Price Change (24H) High (24H) Low (24h) Volume (24h)
ETH/BTC eth ETH 7394.06 +0.78% 7444.91 7267.06 431,687,258.77
EOS/BTC vid EOS 6984.06 -1.65% 6554.91 6548.06 431,684,298.45
LTC/BTC bitcoin LTC 4582.06 +2.62% 7444.91 4646.06 431,687,258.23
KCS/BTC bitcoin KCS 7394.06 -0.94% 7444.91 7267.06 431,687,258.33
COTI/BTC bitcoin COTI 7394.06 +0.78% 7444.91 7267.06 431,687,258.53
TRX/BTC bitcoin TRX 7394.06 +0.71% 7444.91 7267.06 431,687,258.53
XMR/BTC bitcoin XMR 7394.06 -0.73% 7444.91 7267.06 431,687,258.77
ADA/BTC bitcoin ADA 7394.06 -1.20% 7444.91 7267.06 431,687,258.35
BNB/BTC bitcoin BNB 7394.06 +0.74% 7444.91 7267.06 431,687,258.23
NEO/BTC bitcoin NEO 7394.06 -0.78% 7444.91 7267.06 431,687,258.77

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