Privacy Notice

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Privacy Notice

This notice refers to the policy which describes how Satoshifx processes user information through their website and other applications. SatoshiFx consists of a complete ecosystem comprising of websites, mobile applications, clients, applets and other applications that are being developed to offer SatoshiFx services. It includes independent operating platforms, clients and websites within the same ecosystem (SatoshiFx open Platform, Satoshifx Launchpad, SatoshiFx labs, SatoshiFx Charity, SatoshiFx DEX, SatoshiFx Fx, X, JEX, Trust Wallet and fiat gateways. “SatoshiFx Operators” refers to the parties running the same, including but not at all limited to legal persons, unincorporated organizations and teams that provide SatoshiFx services and are responsible for the same. “SatoshiFx” used in this policy includes its operators. The privacy policy applies to all SatoshiFx platforms, websites, departments of SatoshiFx and SatoshiFx operators. Once using SatoshiFx, you are giving your consent to process, collect, store and transfer your personal information as per this Privacy Policy. SatoshiFx UAB, (legal entity code: 305595206 regd office: Didzioji str. 18, Vilnius, The Republic of Lithuania) is the Data controller of all your personal information.

We Are SatoshiFx

This is to bring to your kind consideration that SatoshiFx has no business partners or agents. our website has a list of all the financial advisors onboard. Anybody who claims to be holding a partner position in the company is considered to be illegal and irrelevant. If you have any queries and complaints about this, kindly drop a mail at [email protected].

What Personal Information About Users Does SatoshiFx Collect?

To improve the quality of our product and services, SatoshiFx generally keeps on updating customer information at regular intervals. If a customer is not willing to provide any information, then he/she may not be able to use certain features of the trading platform. Following are the details of personal information required by Satoshifx:

  • Email address

  • Name

  • Gender

  • Date of birth

  • Home address

  • Nationality

  • Country code

  • Other information to help us identify you

While using SatoshiFx, a certain type of information gets automatically restored in the server. Unlike other websites, we also use cookies and other unique identifiers, thus able to obtain information when a user gets access to SatoshiFx services through their web browser or device. Following is the list of that information, for your reference:

  • The Internet protocol address (IP) used to connect your computer to the internet

  • Login, email address, password, location of your device

  • Satoshifx services metrics (eg. The occurrence of technical errors, user interaction with service features and content, user setting preferences)

  • Version and time zone settings

  • Transaction history

Can Children Use SatoshiFx Services?

SatoshiFx does not allow users under 18 years of age to use their services.

For What Purposes Does Binance Process My Personal Information?

To improve the efficacy of the Binance services offered by us, we at SatoshiFx process your personal information. It includes:

  • Transaction services: To keep you updated with your current orders, process payments and communicate with you regarding our promotional offers.

  • Provide, troubleshoot and improve binance services: For fixing errors, improved functionality, performance analysis and improving the usability of binance services, we use your personal information.

  • Recommendations and personalization: Your personal information is used to recommend certain features and services that might be of interest to you. Your personal information helps us in identifying your preference and making your experience more worthy with binance services.

  • Comply with legal obligations: We all abide by the law. So, for any banking transactions and verifications, we process your personal information, keeping all legalities in mind.

  • Communication: For better understanding, we use your personal information to keep in touch with you at regular intervals.

  • Fraud prevention and credit risks: For the security of our users, we process your personal information in detecting frauds and abuse and preventing you from the same. Scoring methods are used to access and manage your credit risks.

  • Requirement of consent in specific cases: At certain times, we would be needing your consent for a specific purpose. Post your consent only we will be able to proceed further. It’s totally up to you to withdraw your consent at any time. Once you withdraw your consent, we will stop processing our data for that specific purpose.

What About Cookies and Other Identifiers?

For enhancing user experiences and for continuous improvement in our services, SatoshiFx uses cookies and other similar unique identifiers. Cookies are also used to enable our system to gather information and recognize your browser. For providing binance services too, we use cookies.

The following points will brief you more on our usage of cookies and other similar identifiers:
  • Recognizing you when you sign in to our services

  • Providing customized features and services

  • Displaying certain features and services which might appeal to you, including advertisements.

  • Improving security features

  • Keeping a check on fraud

  • Keeping a track of your preferences such as currency and language

  • For creating a personalized experience

  • Continuous improvement in our features and services.

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