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SatoshiFx was established in 2021 with global recognition and a long reputation backed by an extensive portfolio in various industries. SatoshiFx has grown to become the fastest upcoming cryptocurrency exchange. With our highly secure platform, trading is safe and worry-free.

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Satoshifx Plan

SatoshiFx plans are trading platforms like SatoshiFx MT5, SatoshiFx Gold, etc. We strive continuously to provide the best plans for our users. SatoshiFx has the first of its kind plan with Real STF Gold Coin and Digital Gold Bond with 10% extra Gold Digit Bond on purchase of every Real Gold Coin.

STF MT5 Gold Plan

STF MT5 Gold Account

Ideal for skilled traders who prefer to trade without the aid of any middlemen, our ECN account offers clients to trade more efficiently and profitably.

Accounts Currency



Floating from 1.25 - 1.500

Minimum Deposit

50,000 USD


7 USD per lot

Order Execution

Market Execution


From 0.2

Margin call


Stop Out


Swap Free


Limit & Stop Levels

5 Spread


5 decimals for FX, (3 on JPY Pairs) 3 decimals for spot metals

Min Volume in lots per trade


Max Volume in lots per trade


STF MT5 Silver

STF Gold Coin

Why Choose Us?

It’s easy to see why our clients consider SatoshiFX as the world’s most powerful, secure, and rewarding platform for profitable trading across a wide range of investment assets.

Quick Purchase

Users can quickly purchase a wide range of cryptocurrencies from our easy-to-use platform.

Instant Withdrawal

Instant withdrawals let you get your assets out in just a few minutes, without any hassle.

High Security

Our commitment to user protection is our top priority. We secure our trading platform with firm protocols and industry-leading technical measures.

Real STF Gold Coin with 10% extra Gold Digital Bond

SatoshiFx offers Real STF Gold Coin and Digital Gold Bond with 10% extra Gold Digital Bond on the purchase of every Real Gold Coin.

STF Gold Coin
Presenting SatoshiFx Gold Coin with Virtual Gold Real Coin Certificate

SatoshiFx offers a unique plan of Real STF Gold Coin and Digital Gold Bond with 10% extra Gold Digit Bond on the purchase of every Real Gold Coin.

Fast DHL Delivery Services
Fast and Safe Delivery
Tracking Facility
On Time Delivery

Our Collaboration

We are the first company in the Middle East to hold a crypto license. Satoshifx Exchange has had a lot of invaluable celebrity endorsements, such as from Dennis Miller, Laura Ingraham and Larson.

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