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High-Potential Digital Assets are invested easily in cryptocurrencies and move between asset classes with ease.

What Are Cryptocurrencies?


Traditional trading brings you stocks or shares; an assigned percentage of ownership in the company via its shares for investors to buy. Based on a traditional strategy, investors diversify their portfolio and minimize risks by investing in the stocks of companies that belong to a variety of different industries. Cryptocurrencies, due to their innovative nature, security and independence, have grown in credibility and value over the years, with an increasing number of investors trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptos. This leads to increased value and greater interest in the cryptocurrency asset class. The breathtaking increase in crypto CFDs has resulted from an incredible rise in the value of cryptocurrencies over the past few years.

Market Overview

We Can Loosely Analyze A Stock In This Ways

Pairs Coin Last Price Change (24H) High (24H) Low (24h) Volume (24h)
ETH/BTC eth ETH 7394.06 +0.78% 7444.91 7267.06 431,687,258.77
EOS/BTC vid EOS 6984.06 -1.65% 6554.91 6548.06 431,684,298.45
LTC/BTC bitcoin LTC 4582.06 +2.62% 7444.91 4646.06 431,687,258.23
KCS/BTC bitcoin KCS 7394.06 -0.94% 7444.91 7267.06 431,687,258.33
COTI/BTC bitcoin COTI 7394.06 +0.78% 7444.91 7267.06 431,687,258.53
TRX/BTC bitcoin TRX 7394.06 +0.71% 7444.91 7267.06 431,687,258.53
XMR/BTC bitcoin XMR 7394.06 -0.73% 7444.91 7267.06 431,687,258.77
ADA/BTC bitcoin ADA 7394.06 -1.20% 7444.91 7267.06 431,687,258.35
BNB/BTC bitcoin BNB 7394.06 +0.74% 7444.91 7267.06 431,687,258.23
NEO/BTC bitcoin NEO 7394.06 -0.78% 7444.91 7267.06 431,687,258.77

Why Trade Cryptocurrencies And CFDs ?


The norm is changing; shifting the global trade from traditional assets to CFD trading in Cryptocurrencies. These assets have started to generate an incredible level of interest as an alternative investment to everything from commodities like gold or traditional technology companies. Crypto trading lets you avoid the hassles of traditional trading, making trading more comfortable, more quick, and safer than ever before! Start trading in CFD instruments and make profits irrespective of the company’s shares going down, by making a bet on that condition. Using leverage tools further gives you the chance to indulge in a higher amount. Trade Crypto CFDs with SatoshiFx on every trade and enjoy the reflection in your account as soon the trade is closed – No hassle, no delay, no wait.

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