Make Better Trading Decisions The big data, technical analysis and macroeconomic considerations that help brokers and traders succeed.

Easy Access

Easily installable, in minutes, giving you access to both MetaTrader 4 Plugin and Web App.

Ease of Usage

Suitable for traders across the globe and available in 30 languages.

Find Opportunities

Automatically scans & provides ideas about the market for profit 24/7

Better Decisions

Comprehensive perspective by using Volatility Analysis & Performance Statistics.

Total Control

User-Friendly Analytical Tools !!

The AutoChartist web portal and plug-in provides a wide range of user-friendly technical analysis tools. AutoChartist offers daily reports in simple format, showing key price levels along with the formation of influential chart patterns.

It also delivers automatic intra-day alerts. AutoChartist allows you to discover signals and formulate your own precise trading strategy that pre-empts the markets. You can now add AutoChartist directly onto your dashboards using the AutoChartist indicator for MT4.

Fast Performance

Messaging & Alerts

Market Snapshot e-mails provide market outlooks for the next 24-48 hours. Emails are sent out three times a day for markets such as Forex and Commodities, and once a day for the Tokyo, London and New York Stock Exchanges. Subscribe to these high-impact economic news e-mails and receive notifications of scheduled events from Asian, European and US markets.

Performance Statistics

Examine what worked, and what didn’t work over a 6 month period. Refine your trade setups to optimize your results. Your comprehensive performance analysis includes completed chart patterns, breakout key levels, and approaching key levels.

Volatility Analysis

Get a feel for the markets you desire to trade in and the instruments you prefer. Volatility Analysis gets you up, close, and personal with the quirks and personalities of your markets – telling you when and which markets are the most volatile. The Volatility Analysis helps you navigate changing markets and make them work for you – by setting exit levels, and selecting instruments that fall within acceptable risk parameters.

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